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I love origami. And there’s just something special about paper flowers (besides not being allergic to them, or having them wilt to death). So it was an easy decision to have a paper flower wedding bouquet – that way I could customize it to our monochrome theme and keep them forever.

The white flowers are origami-style and were made from 160gsm cardstock which I printed with the drum score from the song “Still Into You” by Paramore…which was the song that Kieran was teaching me to play…which is how we first “met”. The black flowers are literally a “chain-of-hearts” that were cut from a light card (on a fancy machine) by my friends at Cara’s Creations. These were all stuck onto white balloon sticks and the ‘stems’ were finished with black ribbon.

Here is how I managed a wedding bouquet for under $20…

Material costs for this project:
$5.99 white card
$3 balloon sticks
$5.99 pearl buttons
$2.39 black ribbon
$1.89 black card (the ‘chain of hearts’ flowers were cut by Cara at Cara’s Creations)

You will need:
glue (PVA or hot glue gun)

Folding the Origami Kusudama Flower
I found these easy-to-fold instructions on which is what I’ve based these step-by-step instructions on. Note: each

origami flower 1

Step 1.
Place your paper square right-side down…the side that you want showing ie pattern/colour (Standard size is 15cm square, but I used 18cm).

origami flower 2

Step 2.
Fold the bottom point up to meet the top point. Crease well along the foldline.

Step 3.
Fold the 2 outer points up to meet the top point. Crease well along the fold lines.

Step 4.
Unfold, then fold the bottom fold lines to meet the crease made in Step 3.

Step 5.
Tuck the outer flaps down. Crease well along the foldline.

origami flower 11
origami flower 12
origami flower 13

Step 6.
Unfold the flaps, and apply glue to the triangular areas shown below.

Step 7.
Press firmly to bond, then leave to set dry.

Step 8.
Follow Steps 1-7 until the correct amount of ‘petals’ have been created (I used 5 petals per flower). Apply glue to the triangular area shown below to join petals together. Insert skewers/balloon sticks up the centre to create the ‘stem’. Glue a pearl button to cover the center join (where you might see the end of the ‘stem’).

musical flowers

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