Labour of Love


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Recently, I have taken over the man-cave (aka garage, not to be confused with car-storage, which is NOT what garages are used for in NZ) now that the birthday parties are out of the way (see Mika’s Fairy Garden Party and Lyon’s Where the Wild Things Are Party).

Admittedly, I always have a million projects on the go, but right now, my two favourite things to lose sleep over are the wooden kitchen makeover (almost complete, a late birthday present for Mika) and a vintage dollhouse (meant to be for Mika for Christmas, but I’m only about 10% of the way through sanding back the original paint work…..)

The Kmart Kitchen Hack project is almost finished! Just waiting on my subway tile backsplash to arrive (see my project page for details on how-to and where I sourced everything I used)


The Dollhouse Restoration is a new work in progress (all I have is the “before” images…but think beautiful old villas as seen in Devonport/Herne Bay) I’m currently on about 10% through just the sanding back of the original paintwork – wish me luck! May need a Christmas miracle to get this done! Watch this space x


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