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CONGRATULATIONS Mamas, we are HALFWAY through Term 1!
We’ve settled into the familiar rhythm of school routine (HALLELUJAH) and are now knuckling down on homework.

If you’ve followed us for a while, you may remember my post about #mumguilt last year, when I was told my lil man was falling behind at school. I still count myself incredibly lucky to be able to be at home with my kids, so that I could actively DO something, right away to get on top of this, for the little man’s sake. He’s moved on in leaps and bounds since, with thanks to a little kiwi ingenuity, and a lot of elbow grease.

So, I have to be honest. I have NEVER hated homework so much in my life!
As a kid, school work came easy to me. I was a bookworm, and didn’t have to try very hard to stay afloat. By the time highschool hit, night-before-cramming was enough to see me through with respectable grades. But I enjoyed school. I absorbed information easily and could skim-read for answers quickly if I needed to.

Fast-forward to 2016: dealing with a child who couldn’t be less interested in reading or homework, and would much rather be playing Playstation or biking or digging holes in the back yard – anything but homework…

When they’ve been in a classroom all day, the last thing they want to do is sit in a ‘home’ classroom. While his ‘currency’ hasn’t changed [see: turning a fail around] Lyon has hit what I can only describe as the 6 year old testosterone surge…he NEEDS to be active, outside riding his bike or kicking a ball around. So once home from school, we fix up a snack, and have free play, and then it’s homework time.

Baking is one of favourite “learning” activities. It’s quite a juggling act with a toddler in tow, and also quite an investment of time (by the time you’ve helped them to read and understand the recipe and instructions…) but you get to eat the baking at the end of it all, and it’s a good bonding experience. It’s also incentive for the less-fun homework (maths) while you wait for the baking to be ready!

Thankfully, reading isn’t such a struggle anymore. When the weather is good, we read out in the sunshine, while lil miss chases the cats or jumps on the trampoline.
Spelling homework has evolved from last year’s post-it game to using these special flash cards by Little Know It All.


They come blank, so that you can write your child’s spelling words onto them, and they are kept together nicely on a book ring!

When difficult words come up, we do a 60-second treasure-hunt in the garden for sticks, stones, leaves, and flowers that we can use to spell out the word.
On rainy days, the cornmeal-in-a-pan works wonders.
Mathletics is not yet a favourite, even though it means computer-time, so we downloaded the Mathletics app onto his very own tablet (just a GrabOne cheapie) and he thinks it’s amazing! #winning.

Earlier this year, during the school holidays, we took the little man to Tree Adventures. He LOVED it, despite his fear of heights, and REALLY wants to go back. So…every ‘gold bar’ he achieves, gets him closer to another day out at Tree Adventures.

We were fortunate enough to be given the flash cards from Little Know It All to review.
I loved our flash cards so much that I went back and bought more of the range for both kids!  Mika loves to read, and is all over her alphabet and numbers flashcards.

While I was there, I bought a twin pack of blank flash cards to give away to one of our lucky readers! Not only that, but I also bought a set of the School Milestone cards too! Just enter below which product YOU want to win.

Winners will be drawn on 31st March…BUT…if you can’t wait til the giveaway has ended, head over to and you can use the code “withthefoxes” for a 15% discount! There’s even FREE shipping for orders over $50.

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