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When you know it’s meant to be
Last year, I was given an old doll house by a neighbour to renovate for Mika.
Naturally, I’d ear-marked a few searches on TradeMe around dollhouse furniture, when one day, I stumbled across this gorgeous  pre-loved dollhouse on TradeMe, originally by Crabtree & Evelyn. I put in an auto-bid and forgot about it, believing it was a pipe-dream that this could ever be mine (I mean Mika’s) BUT by pure luck, I scored this for an absolute steal – with dolls and furniture included! I decided it would be the perfect Christmas gift for my little girl.


The LONG space between ‘Before’ and ‘After’
When I brought this baby home, it was in quite a bit of disrepair, complete with sticker-bomb art, but you could see it had been well-loved.
So, I set to work sanding back…Every. Single. Surface. There are a LOT of surfaces!
(And, admittedly, it was at this point that I went and bought Mika a back-up present to open on Christmas Day, just in case). I used these dry sanding sheets and a fine grit sanding sponge, both from Mitre10.

Decisions, decisions…
Once the sanding was (finally) done, I had to choose the new colours for the doll house. Sounds simple enough right?
It took me DAYS (and about 10 Resene testpots) before I settled on the final combination.
And THEN, I had to choose the woodgrain vinyl…poor Katja, bet she’s hoping I don’t have another project in the pipeline LOL she got to watch me juggle lil miss trying to destroy the place, while I pulled out every roll of woodgrain to compare against my paint swatches.

doll house colours.jpg

The colours
In the end, the exterior walls were painted in Resene Atmosphere, and all the trims were done in Resene White.
For the interior walls and ceilings, I used the same ultra cover paint+prime spray paint that I used for the Kmart Kitchen Hack.
For the floors, I used the Sheffield Oak Pearl Grey from Vinyl Home.

The verdict
I’ve learned a lot about myself through my last 2 mini-renovation projects…that I am 10x more impatient than I realised, and that it’s impossible to hide reno projects from the kids. I’m also pretty certain that buying another renovation-home was a bad idea…but we’re in love! I can’t wait for Mika to officially “unwrap” it on Christmas Day (hopefully with all the furniture done). I’ve spent a lot of time playing already, and trying to decide on the colours for the furniture.

doll house reno.jpeg

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