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For those of us with kids at school, we are probably all done for the year now, but I wanted to share with you our very last minute (done in 15mins) and very low-cost (we actually already had everything at home so it didn’t cost us anything) teacher’s end-of-year gift.

You will need:
1x terracotta pot (this one is 12cm, from Bunnings, cost $1.25)
1x vivid
1x plant
soil to suit the plant you’ve chosen
accessories (optional)
child to do the work (you’ll probably need to do the ‘ruler’ part)

Step 1: Draw on the ‘ruler’
You can wing this, but I used some masking tape to stick on a tape measure so that I could easily and quickly mark the inch measures. Remove the tape measure and add the numbers (or get your child to number it)

Step 2: Hand over the pot to your child and have them write “thank you for helping me grow” on the side, and their name on the bottom of the pot

Step 3: Fill the pot with soil and your chosen plant. We can’t keep anything alive at hour place, except weeds (yes, I have managed to kill air plants and a cactus) so we used a succulent cutting from our neighbour’s garden, upon her recommendation that it will require very little attention or effort to keep alive. We put a base layer of small stones (found in the garden) topped with some potting mix (which we had in the back shed).

Step 4: Make it pretty (optional). We used a toadstool decoration which we had left over from Mika’s Fairy Garden Party)

That’s it! SUPER easy and really cost effective, especially if you have lots of teachers to gift to! Best thing is that it’s really quick (a win for us hot mess mums who cram everything into the night before the last day), and it’s so cute with your child’s handwriting on it.


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