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Helping you survive “back-to-school”

Can you believe that January is at an end?! The year is flying by…Christmas and New Years celebrations feel like a lifetime ago,¬†and I don’t know about you, but I for one am scrambling to be back-to-school-ready . School bag, book bag, swim bag, stationery list, uniform, shoes, socks, lunchbox, drink bottle, nametapes – the […]

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Summer = strawberries, smoothies and squeezy pops

Hurray!! It fiiiiinally feels like summer!! One of our favourite things about summer is strawberry-picking, and our favourite place to go is Garelja Bros Strawberry Gardens. The aroma of juicy sweet strawberries surrounds you the minute you hop out of the car, and there’s no entry fee! Just pay $6 per kilo of strawberries that […]

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