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Mika turned 3 (back in November!) and is into all things magical, so naturally I was super excited to put together her unicorn-themed birthday party! Being so close to Christmas, we had a limited budget, but I think we did good (and Mika was beyond stoked with her special day).
Note the incredible venue location, Devonport Plunket Rooms with a massive fully fenced outdoor playground!

Setting the scene:
We started with the birthday girl’s outfit, naturally….and built the rest around that.
Her beautiful unicorn headband came from Love & Whimsy,winged leotard from Penny & Co, and her tutu was kindly gifted by Mariana from Mayhem Creations.
We were lucky to have won a giveaway for a custom bunch of celebration balloons from Lunar Balloons and there was no better time than to use them for Mika’s party! Grace arrived with the most stunning giant unicorn  confetti balloon that matched perfectly with Mika’s outfit.
The iridescent fringe backdrop and unicorn pinatas were from Kmart.
I also made a very basic balloon garland with nude balloons from Pop Roc Parties mixed with plain balloons from The Warehouse.

The Menu:
The hardest part was putting together an easy menu with a good balance of sweet vs savoury food, in a unicorn theme (and still catering for our friends with food allergies/intolerances). Luckily, where there’s unicorns, there are rainbows!

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs
Rainbow Vege Kebabs
Rainbow Jelly
Rice Cripsie Clouds with Rainbow
Unicorn Fairy Bread
Unicorn Sandwiches
Cocktail Sausages
Sausage Rolls

The Cake:
The centerpiece of the entire day, of course, was the cake. I admit I ‘cheated’ a bit by using pre-mix cake batter (thanks Betty Crocker!) but I did have 6 individual cakes to bake in 6 different colours of the rainbow… also, it made life easier by using candyfloss for the mane, shaped fondant for the ears/eyes and used a giant lollipop for the horn (which I found at Kmart) and painted it gold. The pinata surprise inside was 3 packs of skittles & m&m’s and heap of sprinkles.

Goody bags:
Last but not least, the little goody bags to say thanks for coming!
The custom unicorn stencil was designed by Tammy from The Lilybug Project, I added a simple bow to complete the look. With the wide age-range of kids (big bro needed friends there too) we tailored the goody bags to age/gender as required. The rainbow unicorn themed bags featured Mika’s fave jewelled unicorn horn bath bomb from The B Bomb (fizzes away to reveal a surprise jewel), unicorn decal was from a sheet of wall decals from The Warehouse’s amazing range of unicorn-themed goodies, party blowers, bubble wand and ring pops also from The Warehouse. Crazy straws and rainbow lollipops from Kmart. Older kids got glowstick jewellery and glow-in-the-dark naughts and crosses games.

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