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This year, the lil man insisted on having a Star Wars theme and going to Laserforce for his birthday…which was pretty much my worst nightmare when it comes to parties, because not only would it have to be scaled right back for transportation purposes and lack of space at the venue, but I also know absolutely nothing about Star Wars! I still have not watched any of it…

To get in the mood, I gave Tammy from The Lilybug Project a brief for the Star Wars themed invitations and she created downloadable files for me to use on wars party invitations

The next step was planning the party table. I had to be really restrictive with the menu, as I wasn’t going to have the convenience of being at home with the freedom of lots of space, so the lil man and I chose the our top menu items together. The Chewbacca Bites are just our simple bliss ball recipe, and the tie-fighters are BBQ shapes stuck to each side of cheese cubes with cream cheese. And check out the matching themed namecards!

Next, I had to work out the easiest way to represent the theme effectively. Here is the trial run we had at home, based on how much space we would have at the venue….star wars party table

The “7” ballon, stars, and marbled balloons came from Pop Roc Parties.
The BB-8 cookie jar, plain white and star-printed balloons came from The Warehouse.
The table cloth came from K-Mart and the light sabers came from a Dollar Store.
Matching themed HAPPY BIRTHDAY poster by Tammy from The Lilybug Project – this was a customizable downloadable file that allowed me to print in any size (this was A3, but I could have easily gone up a couple of sizes).

Now, the most important thing – THE CAKE! Lemon-yoghurt cake with vanilla bean buttercream, a solid white chocolate deathstar and some glowstik lightsabers. It definitely wasn’t perfect – I have a long-standing feud with fondant – but the lil man was beyond stoked with how it turned out.
star wars cake chocolate deathstar

Last but not least, the party bags…and lucky for us, there was so much to choose from at The Warehouse! We printed off the Darth Vader cut outs and glued them on plain paper bags from Looksharpe. From left-to-right:
Sherbet sticks from Kmart
Star Wars icy pops from The Warehouse
Lightbsabers (glow sticks with silver duct tape for handles) from Kmart
Glow-in-the-dark stars from a Dollar Store
Party blower, cookies annd lollypops from The Warehouse
star wars party bag.jpeg

That’s all for now! We have a very happy [almost] 7-year-old!lyon 7 stars


3 Replies to “Star Wars Party”

  1. sowms says:

    You are one SUPER MOM

  2. Janine says:

    That is impressive gor somene who hasn’t watched the movies. Everything looked
    awesome. Hubby is a huge star wars fan and has quite a bit of lego as well. I had to show him this post and how awesome it was. I think he was a little green with envy. He was like me blown away with what you created.

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