Spiced Carrot/Pineapple Cake

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3c finely grated carrot
1 tin crushed pineapple (drained)
3 eggs
1t vanilla
1c oil
2c self-raising flour
1c raw sugar
1T flaxmeal (optional)
1t baking powder
1t cinnamon
1t nutmeg
0.5t salt

Mix wet ingredients together in a large bowl, then add dry ingredients and combine.
Bake at 150C for approx an hour, or when an inserted skewer comes out clean.
This will make one layer, or 8 texan-size muffins.

#bakinghack: wrap a wet teatowel around your baking tin to help your cake rise evenly #youhearditherefirst #notsosecretanymore

This cake is delicious and moist on it’s own as muffins too, but for a little extra yumminess, a simple lemon glaze goes well OR dress it up for a special occasion with a cream cheese icing topped with toasted coconut threads, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and finely diced apricots.

Lemon glaze
1c icing sugar
Freshly squeezed lemon
Add small amounts of lemon juice to the icing sugar until the right consistency is achieved.


Lemony cream cheese icing
0.5 block of Philadelphia cream cheese (at room temperature)
2T butter (at room temperature)
2c icing sugar
1T lemon juice
1T lemon zest (optional)

Beat cream cheese and butter until soft. Beat in lemon juice. Gradually add icing and beat until well combined and aerated.


If lemon isn’t your thing, try the Vanilla Bean Buttercream ?

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