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Well, I thought last year was hard with the Star Wars theme…but this year, I was even more stumped when the lil man insisted on a Minecraft party…

I did a LOT of research. All up, the most time-consuming part was familiarizing myself with the theme (Lyon even endured trying to teach me how to play the game) and then created a menu around it. Food prep turned out to be pretty minimal (apart from the cake!) and included several healthy options, but I did spend a LOT of time creating the printouts (which you can download below and save yourself a tonne of time!)


Setting the scene:
I created a basic pop-up card as the invitation – you can download the PDF files here:
CREEPER INVITATION, print onto green card (I used 140gsm) and cut along the black lines with a craft knife, then crease to make the creeper pop out.
Invitations speech bubbles template: download, print, cut and stick into your creeper invitations (I printed onto a sheet of label paper to save time).


The Table:

Managed to find these square serving bowls at Spotlight to go on top of this cool grass tablecloth, along with Minecraft inspired plates and napkins from Sweet Pea Parties.

I made the balloon garland from standard balloons and attached to the white backdrop and stand (available from Playful Party Hire). “8” helium balloon from Pop Roc Parties.

The menu was pretty easy (once the cards were created – you can download the whole menu here (plus blank cards): MINECRAFT FOOD CARDS
RAW FISH – chocolate fish
COAL – bliss balls
TORCH – cruncheese/twisties
GHAST TEAR – marshmallows
COOKIE – choc chip or oatmeal raisin cookies
REDSTONE – hulled strawberries
SLIMEBALL – green grapes
GOLD – Hersheys nuggets (milk chocolate with almonds)
SILVER – Hersheys nuggets (milk chocolate)
CARROT – baby carrots (with tops)
STICK – pretzel sticks
DIRT – LCM bars cut into thirds or use this easy Chocolate Crispies recipe
APPLE – small red apples
MELON – watermelon slices
POTATO – potato chips/Pringles
COOKED POTATO – potato gems/hash bites
WATER – blue jelly

TNT – this was pretty much the only thing on the menu that required my time. 4x pieces of Wonka sherbet fizz  raspberry licorice around a strip of black licorice, wrapped with a TNT label: Licorice TNT wrap
NB: I cut each full length piece or the raspberry licorice into thirds, so you get 6x pieces out of a packet. I used 1x packet of the Black Knight licorice twist, cut into thirds lengthwise, and stripped down into 6 skinny pieces from the ‘twist’.
WARNING: be prepared to find black licorice discarded all over the place…


The Crafting Stations:
I was late in booking the hall for hire so was left with a hire time that fell over the lunch hour. I also had no idea about what to do to entertain 30-odd kids, so, this whole concept became a win-win-win.
Pizza Crafting meant that the kids got to customize their pizzas to their tastes (and kept them busy for about 10 mins each) rotating small groups making/baking. Super easy! Just stack up pre-sauced pizzas (to limit mess) in round mini-pie-tins and set out pre-cut pizza ingredients.

Potion Crafting meant that the kids got to play mad-scientist and mix up concoctions to drink. You can download the labels here: MINECRAFT POTION LABELS

Apparently the colours of the potions matter, so here is a list of the 6 I used:
POTION OF NIGHT VISION – dark blue: I created a bubblegum flavour [2 parts banana essence + 2 parts orange essence + 1 part strawberry essence plus 2 parts sugar syrup and diluted with some water] and a few drops of blue food colouring
POTION OF LEAPING – light green: I used the Barkers old fashioned lemonade concentrate and added a few drops of green food colouring
POTION OF POISON – dark green: I used the lemon and lime water drops diluted with water and a few drops of food colouring
POTION OF REGENERATION – purple: I used the Barkers blackcurrent and blueberry fruit syrup
POTION OF HEALING – red: I used the Six Barrel Soda Co. raspberry & lemon syrup with a few drops of red food colouring
POTION OF SWIFTNESS – light blue: I used the peach water drops diluted with water and a few drops of blue food colouring

Potion of Invisibility:
Also known as how to get your kids to drink water hahaha – it’s all in the marketing… Download these POTION OF INVISIBILITY LABELS, print onto label paper and stick over the existing labels. These bottles are the 12 pack of 350ml bottles from Countdown.


The cake:
OK so this was hands down my favourite part! It was challenging but I LOVED making it.
3x 8 inch square cakes in Vanilla (dark green), Lemon (light green) and Chocolate (brown). Each cake had smaller squares cut out of it, and the different colours were mixed up to make multi-coloured cakes, then stacked together with vanilla bean buttercream anc crumb-coated.

I spent a night in advance stamping out 500x 1/2 inch squares out of 4 different coloured fondant and setting them in the fridge for 24 hours on baking sheets, then whipped up a new batch of buttercream to stick them all on with – a grand total of 473 squares on this cake!

The candles were made out of 8 red glitter candles and 1 black candle, which I ended up having to melt together (only because they wouldn’t tape together…) but they turned out great in the end.


TNT Party Bags:
I got some plain red paper bags from the dollar store and created some TNT signs: TNT Bags, just print and cut to size then stick them on. I printed THANK YOU STICKERS onto a sheet of label paper to save time and used them to seal the bags.

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