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My kids LOVE to cook, whether it’s pretend play or for realsies.
For Mika’s second birthday, I thought I would makeover a Kmart Wooden Toy Kitchen for her, that is a mini-version of our kitchen (or at least how it WILL be once renovations are complete – YES, the kid’s toy renovations are the ONLY renovations happening lately).
Anywho, I totally recommend starting with a brand new Kmart Kitchen. Renovating panels is WAY easier than trying to do it fully assembled, or worse, having to dismantle it…

I lightly sanded all surfaces requiring paintwork applied. I scored a cheap finishing sander from The Warehouse on sale for about $10! BEST $10 I’ve ever spent! Rolls of sandpaper from Bunnings are around $3-$4 and gets about 3-4 lengths our of each roll.

I used a semi-gloss white spraypaint by Rust-Oleum for the main panels because of the ultra coverage, and a flat black spraypaint by British Paints for the tap/knobs.

For the fridge, oven and microwave, I used the brushed silver adhesive vinyl from Vinyl Home. For the benchtop, I used the dark concrete adhesive vinyl (which is what our actual kitchen benches are covered with). Cara’s Creations cut me the SMEG logo with scraps of the silver vinyl, but with the grain going the other way to create a subtle effect.

For the stove I cut a wooden oblong shape out of some 5mm mdf boars from Bunnings, spraypainted it white and glued on some coasters from Spotlight, which were spraypainted black, to create the hobs.

For the subway tile backsplash, I created a halfscale wallpaper in white with light grey ‘grout’ which is available on Spoonflower.

To make the oven and little more ‘real’ I found a wire shelf helper at Storage Box which was perfect for creating the illusion of an oven rack.

Now all we have to do is wait for Christmas so we can open up all the wooden kitchen accessories!!

8 Replies to “Kmart Kitchen Hack”

  1. Kylie says:

    Can I ask how much of the silver vinyl you purchased?

  2. Lizzie says:

    This looks amazing! Thanks for outlining the process too… I’m planning on revamping our girls’ Kmart kitchen soon. Can I ask roughly how long it took you to complete it? And to confirm, are the fridge/microwave/oven doors covered in vinyl rather than spray painted? How has this lasted with wear and tear? Thanks?

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Lizzie! Strange this comment has only just shown up in my notifications!!
      It took me 2 weeks in between everything in life haha and yes, the fridge/microwave/oven doors are covered in vinyl – it’s lasting really well! No issues with it so far

  3. Gabriella says:

    Hi, awesome job. Can I ask how you removed the blackboard from the freezer door?

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