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This weekend, I surprised Kieran with an early birthday present – a night with NO kids!! The first time in 2.5 YEARS since we’ve had a night alone together with no children around to wake us up in the morning…it was SO GOOD to let our hair down!
We hit the town on an epic double date, starting at Wildfire, because all-you-can-eat meat is pretty much this Fox’s idea of heaven. (HOT TIP: The latest Entertainment book has a 25% off discount voucher in it for Wildfire). Then when we were adequately stuffed, we rolled ourselves over to Escapade and OH MY GOD I don’t’ think we’ve ever had so much fun, ever, let alone in a locked room hahaha!


The Tavern

Locked in a mystical tavern from times long past, you’re on a quest to save the city. But, there’s evil hot on your trail: the darkness is coming, and only you can shine the light of salvation. Working through the ancient clues and puzzles you’ll find a way to protect the people, but it’s not going to be easy. The pressure’s on: can you save the city and escape before the darkness returns? *excerpt from website

team fox & sheep

Team Fox & Sheep

We grabbed the last timeslot for the night, alongside a couple other very competitive groups. We geeked and Sherlock Holmes-ed our way around the room, hunting out clues, working out puzzles and deciphering codes to open locks and secret trapdoors.
Team Fox & Sheep (the Foxes and the Le Moutons) blew the competition out of the water, completing our game in 40 mins flat! Our gamemaster flew in the door when all the “you won” lights came on, to check if we’d somehow cheated and was amazed to discover that we were in fact, and I quote, “fully legit!”
The staff are really enthusiastic and clearly passionate about their business. The game is incredibly addictive and had we not been booked into the last session of the night, we would have done another room right then! Hands down, FIVE stars from me!
Personally, I think our group of 4 was the perfect balance of bodies and minds in that size room, but watch this space as we will be reviewing all 4 game rooms available.

milse chocolate
Naturally, if you know any of us, the night would not be complete without a visit to our favourite dessert bar. Our desserts didn’t last long enough for a photo LOL except for this little box of chocolates, which were devoured the next day.

toolong a lover
Still on a high from our Escapade success, and also high on sugar from our treats from Milse, we thought we’d go see Harry and George about Jack… turns out the ‘secret bar’ on our bucket list wasn’t really so secret – the entrance was wide open welcoming guests for a private function haha #fail So we carried along to Blue Breeze Inn to cross that off our bucket list too.
I highly recommend the Toolong A Lover – it says serves 2, but it’s totally doable for one, especially if you’re not driving LOL!

I know I’m always saying that I have the best friends ever, but it’s true. You know those laugh-so-hard-you-almost-pee-your-pants kind of nights? Yeah. BEST night out in a looong time (2.5 years remember!) and I’m looking forward to many more.

blue breeze inn

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