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Honey Wrap Starter Kit

Four years ago, we made the conscious decision as a family to start making changes in our lives to help save our planet, and to become more educated and aware about the origin of the things we buy. We started with reusable bags and coffee cups. Expos gave us inspiration and education. One thing led to another and before you know it, you’re inspiring others to do the same ❤ it isn’t always easy, because life is so busy, and sometimes convenience wins out (especially if you forget to take your reusables with you!) BUT it IS super easy to start swapping things out until it just becomes a good habit ?

We’ve collected lots of different brands of pre-made reusable wraps in that time, but I thought I’d share our favourite DIY kit with you – it’s low mess, easy to follow and completely customizable!



The “magic stuff” really is magic! I tried it on some printed cotton fabric:

Turn a wrap into a bag!

The only tricky part is making extra large wraps that are bigger than my baking tray…but it’s way easier to just buy those ready-made??

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