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Basically what happened is, back in June, I entered this selfie in competition over at Katrina Williams Feather Touch Brow Design for the title of worst eyebrows…or in my case, NO eyebrows! (That’s Tammy with perfect eyebrows next to me, and Maria lurking in the background also with perfect eyebrows!).
Like so many mums, spending time and money on yourself never seems to rank highly as a proirity, so I jumped at the opportunity but there were so many people entering to win the microblading sessions with Katrina that I kind of wrote it off… Until one night, my Facebook notifications went crazy with people congratulating me for being one of the lucky winners!

The first appointment was in the school holidays, so we made a day trip of it. I went to see Katrina and Hubby took the little monster to the Hamilton Zoo.
I admit, I was incredibly nervous as I don’t even have a tiny tattoo on my body and I was worried about my first ink experience being on my face!
Katrina walked me through a thorough consultation (typical skin tendencies and medical history etc) which answered the many questions that I’d had in the back of my mind, but most important of all, to make sure the ink being put into my skin was the “good” ink.

Next, she set to work measuring and marking out my brand new perfect eyebrows. This process took the longest in the overall experiance BUT you wouldn’t want it any other way! Then, the microblading began. Eeek! Watch a snippet on Instagram here.

I’m a big wuss, but the pain was not as bad as I thought it would be. The biggest surprise (both times) was that for what ever reason, the second eyebrow to get the blade hurts more than the first eyebrow! (We even started with different eyebrows each time to test the theory). The initial cuts were made without aenesthetic. When the ink is rubbed into the cuts, it feels a bit like sunburn. Aenesthetic gel went on before going back over the initial cuts. And just to confirm, the shading is probably not more painful than the feathering, but a different kind of pain equal to it haha.
When I went back for the second appointment, no aenesthetic was used (and I survived! haha!). The reason for using as little aenesthetic as possible, is that the skin absorbs the moisture and swells. This can cause blurry lines where you really want clean crisp lines.
Watch the video here showing the feathering vs the shading.

Excuse the inconsistent lighting in my selfies, but here is a snapshot of the process showing the initial outline (which looks huge!) BUT this is to allow for approx 20% shrinkage. You can also see the colour intensity on Day 1 really shouts EYEBROWS (which for me was a bit scary as I literally had none) BUT this allowed for fading and pigment retention by your skin, which varies between individuals. I’m telling ya, Katrina is a total master at this and I can honestly say I trust her completely. If she adds eye-liner tattoos to her services, guess what I’ll be going back for…eyebrow progress.jpgIf you can’t already tell, I’m so so stoked with the results!

2nd appointment done


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  1. boltonbunch says:

    You are so brave! It’s so scary but I wish I could afford it.. my eyebrows disappear into nowhere at the ends..maybe I’ll get it done when I am famous ??? cant wait to see you all finished with sexy mama eyebrows!

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