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We made the switch to Figgy & Co when we had literally run out of everything (and we couldn’t avoid cleaning the house any longer…) This mix-and-match set is still going strong 3 months later 

What we bought, and why:

1. The Laundry Starter Pack $45

2. The Dishwasher Bundle $29

3. Vegetable Glycerine 100ml $12.50

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml $14

5. Foaming Soap Dispenser 300ml $6

All 4 of us suffer from eczema in varying intensities. While I realize that a lot of the root causes start from within, it’s not the easiest thing to change everyone’s diets (especially if they aren’t willing participants!) and so I set out on a mission to reduce any external triggers that may contribute to the flare ups:

  • Irritants such as soaps and detergents, wool, fragrances
  • Allergens such as dust mites, pollen, moulds

Changing out our washing power was the most obvious place to start for me. We had already started replacing things like undergarments and pyjamas with eczema-friendly clothing from brands like Lulu Funk and Bam+Boo.

Next was the handwash. As a mum, washing your hands a million times a day is harsh enough, but once the eczema has set in, it becomes exponentially worse. I’d tried every off-the-shelf brand from stores, but Figgy foaming soap has lasted the distance in being gentle and effective, while being easy on the wallet.

Then, the unapparent contributor – what you wash your dishes with. Alllll those chemicals! We switched out to Figgy dishwasher power and double strength vinegar as a rinse-aid.

Total cost: $106.50
With the components of the set I bought, I’ve made:
– 3x 700g pre-made batches of laundry powder
– 1kg batch of laundry soaker
– 1 half-batch of cleaning paste
– 1 batch of bench spray (so far, in 3 months)
– 2 batches of foaming hand soap (so far, in 3 months)
– halfway through the dishwash powder

Over all, I can definitely say Figgy has contributed to a positive affect on our family’s eczema situation (and on our wallet!). I can highly recommend making the switch <3


Next up, bodywash, shampoo & conditioner…

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