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5 ways to help our planet (and save yourself some money!)

1. Reusable bags (well, reusable anything!)
Let’s start easy.
Now, I’m super guilty of forgetting to take them with me, which is why I have such a big collection now… How cool is it these days that you can get bags that reflect your style and personality. “Don’t be trashy” is from Indigo Rose who also do my other fave “My Chanel is at Home”.
Take it one step further by creating yourself a “kit” including reusable straws, wax wraps, cutlery and coffee cup(s).

Featured here from left to right, are: 1. Stamped Fork “I just want to spoon” and Stamped Spoon “I just want to fork” from KJDesigns. 2. Stainless steel straw from Caliwoods. 3. DIY wax wrap using Honey Wrap DIY wax block 4. General Eclectic “For Fox Sake” reusable glass coffee cup from Shut the Front Door

And because I’m a geek, I have a ready-to-go kids kit too!

Featured here from left to right, are: 1. Reusable snack bags from Kai Carrier. 2. Reusable kids cutlery from The Warehouse. 3. Reusable stainless straw from Archer & Co NZ. 4. Reusable stainless smoothie straw from Caliwoods. 5. DIY wax wrap using Honey Wrap DIY wax block. 6. Sistema yoghurt pot and snack box from The Warehouse. 7. Carry all bag from Bebe & I

2. Flow cup
So many people are grossed out by this (I know, I used to be one of those people!) but I’m pleased to say that I have never encountered any horrifying experiences with any flow cup, and 3 years on, wish I’d been given one 20 years ago. I have actually found they minimize the cramps I’d get if using tampons, and they require changing wayyy less often than using either pads or tampons! The first one I ever bought was a Haakaa flow cup at $29.90. My second purchase was the My Cup Menstrual Cup from Totally Balmy at $45.00.
The bonus with My Cup is that they are NZ made AND dedicated to ending period poverty in NZ – for every My Cup sold, one will be donated to a Kiwi in need. They also have a ‘donate a cup’ option if you don’t need one for yourself but want to help with the revolution.

2. Period-proof underwear
Again, some people can’t quite get their head around this (and again, I was one of them!) but these have proven to be SO much better than any pad or liner I’ve ever used…and the best part is, you’ll never need to buy any pad or liner ever again. My first pair was actually given to me by a friend who knew I was curious to try them but wasn’t sure whether to take the plunge!
Now, I have a collection of 5 period panties from Modibodi and IamEva, that each serve a purpose for wherever I happen to be in my cycle.


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Keen to try the IamEva period proof underwear?

*I don’t get anything from you using this code! Feel free to share <3

4. Make your own cleaning products
I looove Figgy! If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ve probably been scared awake by the blender racket on Stories because I’d forgotten to turn the off sound before posting…haha…soz.
You can buy from the ready-to-go range, but they also make it SO easy to DIY bulk batches by supplying kits to last you for months (not even joking, one purchase of the laundry kit lasted us a year! And I’ pretty sure my latest dish washing powder batch will last 2 years!)

5. Shampoo & Conditioner bars
It’s amazing how much these little blocks can make a difference to our planet by way of reducing water consumption and plastic production! I have used Ethique, Earthical and most recenlty tried the new Frankie Apothecary bars – they’re all good (and smell so delicious). The hardest part is having to choose something that suits your hair type (or what you want to smell like, haha).

Keen to try out Frankie Apothecary?

*I don’t get anything from you using this code! Feel free to share <3

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